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Hoosier Sheds

Hoosier Sheds portable structures include storage sheds, lofted barns, garages, playhouses, chicken coops and gazebos. We also offer several models of cabins and lofted cabins that are perfect for a vacation cabin, hunting cabin, or portable office. Whether you need a garden shed, garage, or cabin, we’ve got a large selection of options to fit your needs. With hundreds of sheds in stock, you can pick one off the lot for a quick delivery or order a custom built shed, built to fit your needs. We offer free prompt delivery on in stock sheds delivered locally within 40 miles.

Purchase or Rent-To-Own

We accept Checks, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

We also offer Rent-To-Own on all of our standard sheds. Rent-To-Own is a great option for many situations including an excellent alternative to mini-warehouse storage rentals. It gives you the flexibility of a month to month storage agreement with a no penalty payoff option. We offer both 36-month and 48-month terms on Rent-To-Own agreements. We recommend choosing the 36-month plan because of the lower rental cost. Although the monthly payment amount of the 36-month plan is a little higher per month, over the term of the agreement you will end paying approximately 15% less than you would on the 48-month plan. You can also payoff early and receive approximately a 40% discount on remaining payments that are not yet due. Our no strings plan allows you to have your own storage facility for your backyard or business, when and where you need it. The low monthly rental rates are comparable to mini warehousing rates per square foot. You are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep your building. Due to state laws in Indian, we are not allowed to collect more than the first monthly rental payment and a security deposit. The security deposit amount will vary depending on the size of the storage shed. If you have a shed currently on rent to own, you can make payments online at

Hoosier Sheds Offers These Outstanding Features:

  • Free Prompt Delivery
  • Storage Sheds Rent to Own with No Credit Check
  • Built with Amish Craftsmanship
  • 6 Year Warranty On New Sheds
  • Used/Repo Sheds Do Not Have Warranty
  • 2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joist On Sheds 10ft and Wider
  • Pressure Treated 4×6 Foundation Skids
  • Foundation Skids Notched for Floor Joist for Maximum Strength
  • 2×6 Loft Joist On Sheds 10ft and Wider
  • 2×4 Studs 16’’ On Center Spacing with Wood Siding and Vinyl Siding
  • 2×4 Studs 24’’ On Center Spacing with Metal Siding.
  • Metal Sheds Include Vapor Barrier Under Metal On Walls and Roof
  • Lofted Sheds Include 6’6’’ Walls On Sheds 10ft and Wider
  • A-Frame Sheds 7’8’’ Walls On Sheds 10ft and Wider
  • Flooring and Siding Nails Are Galvanized to Prevent Rust
  • Diamond Plate Door Threshold
  • Premium Hardware
  • Optional Vinyl Insulated Windows
  • Keyed Locks Included On All Sheds
  • Dot Restrictions Require Sheds to Be Measured from Eave to Eave
Hoosier Sheds

Metal Siding

Metal Siding is the most maintenance-free siding available. Sheds with metal siding include 24 inch on center spacing for the 2X4 wall studs and feature our vapor barrier house wrap underneath the siding and roofing on all metal sheds. Roof system on metal sheds is built using trusses spaced 48 inches on center with 2X4 purlins with vapor barrier house wrap underneath the metal roof panels.

Doors And Windows

Hoosier Sheds offers a large selection of doors and windows in stock. On custom built orders we allow you to choose where to place the doors and windows for no additional cost. 

  • 8ft wide sheds with wood and painted siding include a 46’’ single door. 
  • 8ft wide sheds with vinyl and metal siding include 35’’ 6-panel single door. 
  • 10ft+ wide sheds include 6ft double doors. 
  • 10ft+ wide sheds include 6ft double doors. 
  • Garages include a 9X7 garage door, a 6 panel walk in door, and a 2X3 window.
  • Cabins include four 2X3 windows and an entry door with a 9-lite window.

The optional Transom Windows that are installed at the top of wooden doors provide a beautiful decorative look to your shed doors. We also offer Insulated Vinyl Windows that are a great upgrade if you’ll be insulating and finishing out your shed. The 9×7 garage door is also available in an insulated model.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding sheds come in 4 standard colors from Georgia Pacific® Forest Ridge vinyl siding. They include 2X4 wall studs spaced 16 inches on center sheathed with 7/16 OSB or with 2X4 roof purlins for metal roofs. Vinyl sheds include 6-panel slab doors available in single and double door configurations. Roof systems on vinyl sheds are built using trusses spaced 24 inches on center and sheathed with 7/16 OSB. Your choice of metal or shingle roof!

6-Year Warranty

Hoosier Sheds offers a 6-year craftsmanship limited warranty on all new sheds purchased from us. We value our longstanding reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Our building materials such as flooring, siding, and roofing are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The following list contains some of the manufacture’s warranties on the products we use.

  • 10-Year Metal Warranty
  • 5/50-Year LP SmartSide Warranty
  • 10-Year Paint Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Georgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding Warranty

Concrete Blocks

Hoosier Sheds provides treated wood blocking for leveling up to 8’’. If the site is more than 8’’ unlevel, you will need to provide concrete blocks. The best concrete blocks for leveling a shed are the 4x8x16 inch Solid Cap Concrete Block and the if the site is over 12’’ unlevel you will also need 8x8x16 inch Standard Cored Concrete Block (Cinder Block). We do not recommend using 2’’ paver/patio blocks due to the fact that they break easier from the weight of the shed. Please note that the Free Delivery only includes 1 delivery attempt. If you do not provide adequate concrete leveling blocks at the time of delivery, there will be a $150 trip charge if you request driver return at a later date. If you are using concrete blocks please place them beside the marked site. Do not place them on the shed site. The driver will place them under the shed after it is set in place.

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At Hoosier Sheds, our goal is to supply the highest quality storage sheds and customer service. From our skilled Amish Craftsmen using premium grade materials, to professional service from our sales reps, delivery drivers, and warranty department, our company is about providing the outstanding service and customer satisfaction you’ve come to expect.

Floor Construction

Our portable floor system is built with heavy-duty, pressure-treated skids notched for 2X6 pressure-treated floor joists (Sheds 10’ and wider). We also offer pressure-treated plywood floor as an option on any shed and are included standard on all chicken coops. Our heavy-duty floor package comes with an extra floor joist for added weight capacity. If you are looking to finish out your shed, you’ll want to check out our insulated floor options. With polyurethane foam insulation sprayed on the bottom side of the flooring from the factory, it is the floor you are looking for to keep that cold outside during the winter.

Painted Siding

Painted siding sheds include 16 inch on center studs with LP® Smart-Side® siding. LP® Smart-Side® is treated with Smart Guard® and has a 5/50-year pro-rated warranty from LP®. We use ring shanked floor nails for maximum strength and they are galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion. We offer a large selection of paint colors as well the ability to match a Sherwin-Williams color you provide. We also offer 5 colors of the Haley Wilderness Urethane. Porches include a white vinyl railing. The roof system is built using trusses spaced 24 inches on center and sheathed with 7/16 OSB or with 2X4 roof purlins for metal roofs. Choose one of our metal roof colors for the longest-lasting, maintenance-free roof, or pick one of shingle colors for a more traditional look. 


Are you wondering about the construction of our products? Our portable floor system is built with heavy-duty, pressure-treated skids notched for 2X6 pressure treated floor joists (Sheds 10’ and wider). Our floor, with the skid-resistant protective overlay, provides a heavy-duty floor. Also available are vinyl siding, metal siding, and pressure-treated T111 siding. Sheds with LP SmartSide and Vinyl Siding include 16 inch on center spaced wall studs along with the tallest sidewalls in the industry on comparable models. Our siding and flooring are fastened using galvanized nails to prevent rust and corrosion. Choose one of our metal roof colors for the longest-lasting, maintenance-free roof, or pick one of shingle colors for a more traditional look. Check out our lofted models to see how you can maximize the storage space in your shed. Please note that due to DOT restrictions, sheds measurements are eave to eave.

Treated Wood Sheds

Treated Wood Sheds are built with studs spaced 16 inches on center. The siding is pressure treated T1-11 plywood that is sealed with a high quality soy-based stain and sealer. The T1-11 siding provides a natural, rustic, wood look that will match any setting or building site. The roof system on Treated Wood sheds is built using trusses spaced 24 inches on center with 7/16 OSB sheathing or with 2X4 roof purlins for metal roofs. Roof options on Treated Wood sheds include metal and shingle roof choices.

Hoosier Sheds

Free Delivery

Free delivery is included for all sheds purchased from Hoosier Sheds on up to 40 miles from the dealer location. We deliver your shed to your site and level it with the concrete blocks you provide. We also setup and attached the ramp if you purchased one. We provide the following free delivery information to assist you in get your site ready for your new shed. Site Preparation is important to ensure a smooth delivery process.

  1. Choose Your Site: The site you choose for your new shed should be a firm, solid base. If your site is not solid, the shed may settle over time and will cause the doors to bind so that you will not be able to open them. You will want the shed setup so you have easy access in and out of the doors. If it is on a slope, it is best to have the doors on the uphill side so there is not a big offset from the shed floor to the ground after the shed is blocked level. This is especially important if you are wanting to setup a ramp to use for your lawn mower as the incline will be too steep. If possible you will also want to flag or mark the site so the driver can see exactly where the shed needs to be placed.
  2. Building Permits: Obtaining the required building permits is your responsibility. We recommend checking with your local/county planning and building department to determine whether you need a permit. Usually it depends on the size of the shed and the intended use on whether you will be required to purchase a permit. If applicable, check with your HOA (Home Owner Association) to confirm there are no restrictions. Also check to see what your setback requirements are. (Distance you need to stay back from your property line.)
  3. Remove Obstacles: Please have all obstacles removed from the delivery path and building site before the delivery company arrives, for example: trash cans, vehicles, lawn equipment, boats, trailers, etc.
  • Trim Tree Limbs: If there are trees on your property that the delivery company will need to take the building underneath, please make sure their limbs are trimmed up to about 13’6”. This is the clearance needed on the highway, so it is a good rule of thumb. We mention tree limbs because they will damage your building. You will want to measure the width of the path higher off of the ground as well as the overhanging tree branches must be trimmed or they will damage the roof 
  • Fences & Gates: If there are any gates that they will have to go through, be sure they are a minimum of 1′ wider than the building. Fences must be removed; they cannot move a building over a fence. We will also need more room if we will need to go through the gate at an angle. Please also make sure the roof eave of your house or other building is not in the path of the shed delivery.
  • Overhead Wires: If there are any low overhead wires, such as power lines, telephone lines, cable TV, etc., please inform the delivery company when they call ahead so that they can work around them. Overhead Power lines are generally high enough they will not interfere with the delivery of the shed.
  • Leveling and Blocking: While it is usually not required if your site is level, we highly recommend you place your shed on concrete blocks or gravel to keep the skid runners off of the ground. Although the skid runners are pressure treated, setting up your shed on concrete blocks will greatly extend life of your shed by keeping out of the moisture and dirt. 
  • Gravel Pad: Although it is usually not required, a gravel pad is a good option as it will provide a porous surface for water to drain away from the shed. If you are installing a gravel pad, we recommend using crushed limestone gravel. Please make sure the pad area is large enough as well as being level.
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About Our 6-Year Warranty

Here at Hoosier Sheds, we are about offering the best quality by giving you a 6-year craftsmanship limited warranty. We value our longstanding reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Our building materials such as flooring, siding, and roofing are covered by the manufacture’s warranty.

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