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We hope we can answer some of the FAQ (frequently asked questions) you may have regarding us and the products and services we offer.

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All of the standard buildings are available for rent-to-own. Special orders may require a cash purchase.

At Hoosier Sheds, we offer our customers the option to buy or Rent To Own with NO CREDIT CHECK!

If you choose our Rent to Own option, you will receive a payment book in the mail within 30-60 days. This will include the information on how to make payments. You can also make payments online at

Down payments may vary, in most cases buildings wider than 12 ft. will require additional down payment fees due to wide load hauling restrictions and escort service requirements. 8′ wide $100 plus 1st month rent, 10′ wide $200 plus 1st month rent. 12′ wide $300 plus 1st month rent. 14′ wide $750 plus 1st month rent. 16′ wide $1,000 plus 1st month rent.


Yes, unless the site is within 8 inches of being level, the delivery driver will need you to have concrete blocks at the site to finish the setup process. If you do not provide enough concrete blocks at the time of delivery, there will be a trip charge if the driver must return at a later time to finish the setup. For specifics on number of blocks needed for your particular building, see our Blocking Chart on the back of your work order.

In-stock sheds purchased will typically be delivered in 7-10 working days. Weather conditions and the demand of the season can alter delivery times of 14-28 days.

You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies in regard to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants. Also, it is recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association (if applicable) to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may be apply.

The only requirement is a level location. Our buildings are designed to rest directly on their skids. In order to level the building we use treated wood blocks. If your site is more than 8” out of level, we only require that you have an adequate amount of concrete blocks onsite and our delivery driver will place them under the building during the setup process. For specifics on number of blocks needed for your particular building, see our Blocking Chart on the back of your work order.

Hoosier Sheds requires that your site be ready for delivery, and is not responsible for making any alterations to fences or other barriers.

A vertical space of 14′, measured from the ground to the top of the building when it is on the trailer is required. Be sure to take any tree branches and utility wires into account. The driver will still need a minimum of 2′ of space to maneuver the truck. That is, a building 12′ wide will require a 14 foot wide space. Please take tight turnsinto account when considering a location.

Yes! We are able to move your Hoosier Sheds building to a new location. The charge for moving it depends on the size and distance it is being moved. The shed will need to be empty for us to be able to move it. We can only move buildings that were built by Hoosier Sheds.


We can build any size building between 8×8 and 16×40 as long as it is in increments of 2′. Therefore, sizes falling within that range can be custom built. We are limited by hauling regulations as to how wide a building we can deliver. For this reason, our sheds are measured from eave to eave.

It is your choice of 25Year Warranty PerformMAX or Treated Plywood flooring nailed to 2Å~4 Floor Joists (8 ft wide) 2Å~6 Floor Joists ( on 10 -12 ft wide buildings) placed 16″ O/C and notched into skids 1″. The Portable Garage and the Lofted Garage flooring is nailed to 2″x6″ floor joists placed 12″ heavy duty O/C and notched into skids 1″. You can get a heavy duty floor (12″ OC) on any building for an additional charge. Our siding and flooring nails are galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.

We offer painted and urethane finishes on our premium, extra thick, 7/16’’ LP SmartSiding with the inside protective overlay finish. Also available is vinyl siding, metal siding, and pressure treated T111 siding. Sheds with LP SmartSide and Vinyl Siding include 16 inch on center spaced wall studs with the tallest sidewalls in the industry on comparable models. Metal Siding sheds have wall studs spaced 24 inches on center. Our siding and flooring nails are galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.

PerformMAX.engineered wood products are manufactured to be stronger and more dimensionally stable than plywood. PerformMAX panels are manufactured by blending precisely cut wood strands with our advanced resin technology. The strands are then oriented in a four-layer process in which two core layers are oriented perpendicular to the two surface layers. A very durable resin-impregnated overlay is applied to the surface and the combination of strands then the overlay is pressed under high heat and pressure to form an extremely durable panel.

Learn more at

LP SmartSide. siding is specifically designed for exterior applications, giving your portable building the unmatched look of cedar with the exceptional durability of engineered wood. LP SmartSide. siding is treated and protected by LP’s patented SmartGuard process to help resist decay, fungi and termites in even the harshest conditions. It looks beautiful, works beautifully, and is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Learn more at See all our available colors in paint and urethane finishes on our brochure or ask your dealer for an actual color sample. Learn more at

Buildings that are 8 Ft. wide include a single door, with an opening of approximately 46″.Buildings that are 10 Ft. wide or wider include Double doors, with an opening of approximately 72″. We offer garage doors with 6′ and 9′ wide openings.

Your Hoosier Sheds building is fully customizable to suit your needs. We offer many great options, so you’re sure to get YOUR building… YOUR way! Some restrictions may apply. Contact your local dealer today.

Our most popular roof choice is our metal roof option. With a 10 year manufacturer warranty it will provide years of maintenance free performance. We also offer architectural shingled roof options on custom built sheds.

Yes! If you are wanting to insulate and finish out the inside, we do recommend that you order your shed or cabin with insulated vinyl widows. We also offer spray-in foam insulation applied on the bottom side of the floor at the factory. See our brochure for pricing information on our insulated vinyl windows, insulated garage doors, and spray-in foam insulation options available. Please make a note when placing order.


We guarantee our buildings to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of 6 years. In addition to the workmanship warranty, Metal roof has a 10 year warranty, PerformMAX floor has a 25 Year Industrial Warranty, LP SmartSide. has a 5/50-year warranty against decay and termites, Paint and Urethane has a 10 year warranty against fading, pealing, flaking.

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